Our 5 Top Face Mists For A Beautiful Complexion

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Quick, convenient, and available for a whole array of skin types, face mists can be used for all kinds of skin needs. From setting makeup to hydrating your skin, and everything in between. Face mists firm, protect, nourish, tan, and soothe, and are perfect for popping in your bag and spritzing on your skin, for on-the-go skincare top-ups.

Looking to simplify your skincare routine with a handy face mist? We’re here to help. Showcasing the benefits of five different face mists, we’ll delve into the features of the best face mists and why they’re essential for keeping your skin glowing and your makeup set.

Why Do I Need A Face Mist?

Lighter than most lotions and creams, face mists are great for people with oily, acne-prone skin, absorbing much quicker to give instant refreshment and hydration. Another reason to opt for a mist over a lotion is that you can apply it on the go without the need for a mirror, even spritzing over makeup with minimal disruption to your glam.

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What Are The Benefits Of Face Mists

Steeped with benefits, face mists make a great addition to your skincare routine. Depending on which product you choose, they can:

  • Hydrate – providing fast nourishment to keep your skin plump and refreshed
  • Refresh – On hot days or after exercise, a cooling face mist is essential, soothing your skin quickly and easily.
  • Boost other products: Helping other skincare products penetrate further into the skin, boosting face mists bolster your skincare ritual.
  • Soothe – Calming redness, and inflammation, soothing face mists are perfect for acne-prone skin and sunburn.

When Should I Use A Face Mist?

The great thing about face mists is that they’re so versatile. Toning and hydrating mists are perfect for using after cleansing, and prepping your skin for the rest of your skincare routine.

A Hydrating spritz can rejuvenate dry or dull skin, making you feel more alive. Use after exercise to replenish any moisture lost through sweating, when it’s hot to cool and soothe, or when traveling on planes to give dry skin some much-needed hydration.

SPF face mists can be used when it’s hot to soothe and cool your skin, protecting your skin and scalp when you’re out and about from UVA and UVB rays.

Setting face mists are great for keeping your makeup in place, giving your skin a natural, dewy finish. Apply over finished makeup, safe in the knowledge that you’ll look amazing all day.

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How To Use Face Mists

Quick, easy, and straightforward to use, face mists are a simple way to treat your skin. All products vary in how they are used, but generally, you should always start with cleansed skin. Hold the bottle at arm's length to ensure the mist is evenly distributed, close your eyes, and gently press down the nozzle, releasing a fine mist over your face. Repeat as when required to moisturise, refresh, protect, and soothe.

Five Different Types Of Face Mists To Try

Overwhelmed with options, we’ve narrowed down the possibilities with our top five face mists. Featuring makeup setting, acne-prone, hydrating, SPF, and bronzing face mists, our round-up features everything you need to keep your skin hydrated, protected, and flawless.

Best Face Mist To Set Makeup

Multi-purpose and perfect for using alongside any makeup products, et al. 3-in-1 Setting Mist not only melts your makeup into your skin, keeping it flawless all day, but also hydrates and nourishes, protecting your skin from UV exposure and pollution.

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Face Mists For Acne Prone Skin

Looking for a face mist to soothe acne-prone skin? Clinisept Plus Aftercare is a fast-acting, anti-microbial spray that protects against infection, helping your skin recover and regenerate without irritation.

Dermatologically tested, with a skin-neutral PH, this mist contains no alcohol, parabens, lotions, or oils, making it perfect for managing sensitive skin conditions, and clearing your complexion without aggravating your skin.  

Hydrating Face Mist

Rejuvenate skin with iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist. Light and refreshing, this copper PCA-enriched formula hydrates and soothes dehydrated skin, protecting it from harmful free radicals to leave it firm, plump, and radiant.

Perfect for using as part of your daily skincare ritual, this face mist is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and sebum balancing making it perfect for use on sensitive skin, calming irritation and reducing breakouts for a clear complexion.

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SPF Face Mist

Looking for on-the-go sun protection that can be used over makeup? Hello Sunday The Retouch One is an ultra-fine, invisible SPF mist that defends against UVA, UVB. blue light, infrared and pollution. Enriched with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid it nourishes and refreshes your skin, making it ideal for popping in your bag every day to protect your face, keeping it glowing.

Bronzing Face Mist

A natural summer glow boosts your mood, lifts your spirits, and makes you feel fabulous. That’s why this Skinny Tan Coconut Water Bronzing Face Mist is our go-to when we’re craving a tan. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, it not only nourishes and illuminates your skin, but it also gently bronzes for a golden, radiant glow.

Infused with a delicate tropical coconut and pineapple scent, this mist gives your complexion and tan a boost, creating dewy, luminous skin.

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et al. 3-in-1 Setting Mistet al. 3-in-1 Setting Mist
et al. 3-in-1 Setting Mist

Clinisept Plus Aftercare 100mlClinisept Plus Aftercare 100ml
Clinisept Plus Aftercare 100ml

Fast-acting anti-microbial action with Clinisept Plus Aftercare 100ml spray.

iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist 75ml
iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist 75ml

This light, refreshing mist is packed with hydrating and soothing ingredients that transform dull, dehydrated skin into a glowing and radiant complexion.

Hello Sunday The Retouch One - Face Mist SPF30Hello Sunday The Retouch One - Face Mist SPF30
Hello Sunday The Retouch One - Face Mist SPF30

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