Organic Haircare To Help You Fall Back In Love With Your Locks

Innersense Organic Beauty was born from a love story between two experienced beauty professionals: Greg and Joanne. The couple joined forces to realise their dream of creating something totally unique from their own experiences behind the counter, and behind the chair.

Describing the brand as dedicated to “purity, peace of mind, and the practice of self-care”, Innersense Organic Beauty have a clear mission: to inform, empower, and inspire beauty and wellness.

Toxin-Free Beauty

Seeking to find answers as to why many of their colleagues within the hair industry were being diagnosed with chronic diseases, Greg and Joanne set about working on toxic-free beauty.

Working on their own clean formulations, the couple began to sustainably and meticulously source and process the purest ingredients, whilst working to educate beauty and wellness professionals and consumers on the hidden toxins in conventional hair care products.

Innersense Organic Beauty collection strives to help customers make cleaner, healthier choices for beautifully healthy hair.

Face The Future is an authorised stockist of Innersense Their product range is available to buy online or by phone on 0113 282 7744.

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Innersense summer hair models
Innersense Hydrating Cream HairbathInnersense Hydrating Cream Hairbath
Innersense Hydrating Cream Hairbath

£20.80 £26.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In ConditionerInnersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner
Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner

£19.20 £24.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Quiet Calm Curl ControlInnersense Quiet Calm Curl Control
Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control

£19.20 £24.00 20% offsaving
Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp ScrubInnersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub
Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub

£32.00 £40.00 20% offsaving
Innersense I Create HoldInnersense I Create Hold
Innersense I Create Hold

£19.20 £24.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Hydrating Cream ConditionerInnersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner
Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner

£22.40 £28.00 20% offsaving
Innersense I Create VolumeInnersense I Create Volume
Innersense I Create Volume

£19.20 £24.00 20% offsaving
Innersense I Create DefinitionInnersense I Create Definition
Innersense I Create Definition

£20.80 £26.00 20% offsaving
Innersense I Create Curl Memory 295ml bottleInnersense I Create Curl Memory
Innersense I Create Curl Memory

From £8.00 £10.00 20% offsaving
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Innersense Pure Harmony HairbathInnersense Pure Harmony Hairbath
Innersense Pure Harmony Hairbath

£20.80 £26.00 20% offsaving
Sold out
Innersense Color Radiance Daily ConditionerInnersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner
Innersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner

£22.40 £28.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Pure Inspiration Daily ConditionerInnersense Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner
Innersense Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

£22.40 £28.00 20% offsaving
Innersense I Create ShineInnersense I Create Shine
Innersense I Create Shine

£32.00 £40.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Clarity HairbathInnersense Clarity Hairbath
Innersense Clarity Hairbath

£20.80 £26.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Color Awakening HairbathInnersense Color Awakening Hairbath
Innersense Color Awakening Hairbath

£20.80 £26.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Detox Hair MaskInnersense Detox Hair Mask
Innersense Detox Hair Mask

£22.40 £28.00 20% offsaving
Innersense I Create FinishInnersense I Create Finish
Innersense I Create Finish

£19.20 £24.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Bright Balance HairbathInnersense Bright Balance Hairbath
Innersense Bright Balance Hairbath

£22.40 £28.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Clarity ConditionerInnersense Clarity Conditioner
Innersense Clarity Conditioner

£22.40 £28.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Bright Balance ConditionerInnersense Bright Balance Conditioner
Innersense Bright Balance Conditioner

£24.00 £30.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Serenity Smoothing CreamInnersense Serenity Smoothing Cream
Innersense Serenity Smoothing Cream

£20.80 £26.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Hair Renew Daily Active Scalp Treatment in white bottleInnersense Hair Renew Daily Active Scalp Treatment
Innersense Hair Renew Daily Active Scalp Treatment

£32.00 £40.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Hair Love Prep SprayInnersense Hair Love Prep Spray
Innersense Hair Love Prep Spray

£20.80 £26.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Hair Renew Pre-Wash Scalp TreatmentInnersense Hair Renew Pre-Wash Scalp Treatment
Innersense Hair Renew Pre-Wash Scalp Treatment

£28.80 £36.00 20% offsaving
Innersense Hair Renew Scalp OilInnersense Hair Renew Scalp Oil
Innersense Hair Renew Scalp Oil

£22.40 £28.00 20% offsaving

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