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R+Co BLEU is the couture-caliber collection from R+Co. Designed for salon professionals and their clients, R+Co BLEU combines leading scientific innovation and proprietary technology to deliver transformative results. Formulated with high-performance ingredients, their products are vegan, cruelty-free, suited to all hair types and provide superior and impressive results that leave your hair feeling restored, strong, transformed and in better condition than it was before.

Our hair expert Danielle Amos shares her desert island R+Co Bleu products >

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R+Co Bleu

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R+Co Bleu Highest Volumizing MousseR+Co Bleu Highest Volumizing Mousse
R+Co Bleu Highest Volumizing Mousse

A volumising hair mousse made with Biotin to visibly thicken strands, leaving them looking fuller, stronger and hydrated with all-day long hold.

£46.00 £57.50 20% offsaving
R+Co Bleu Smooth & Seal Blow Dry MistR+Co Bleu Smooth & Seal Blow Dry Mist
R+Co Bleu Smooth & Seal Blow Dry Mist

A blow dry mist made with Banana Fruit Extract that protects the hair from thermal damage, intensely moisturises and and seals hair cuticles for a sleeker look.

£59.49 £80.00 26% offsaving
R+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative ShampooR+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative Shampoo BACKBAR 975ml
R+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative Shampoo BACKBAR 975ml

A lightweight and strengthening daily shampoo made with Argan Oil that gently cleanses damaged, fragile hair leaving it feeling smooth and restored.

R+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative ConditionerR+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative Conditioner
R+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative Conditioner

£49.99 £60.00 17% offsaving
R+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative MasqueR+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative Masque
R+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative Masque

A luxurious hair mask infused with Argan Oil that deeply hydrates damaged and chemically compromised hair leaving it feeling strong and protected.

£59.49 £75.00 21% offsaving
R+Co Bleu Optical Illusion Smoothing OilR+Co Bleu Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil
R+Co Bleu Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil

A strengthening thickening spray infused with Biotin that plumps fine and weak hiar types and created full, voluminous locks.

£54.99 £68.00 19% offsaving
R+Co Bleu Life Styler Volume & Texture SprayR+Co Bleu Life Styler Volume & Texture Spray
R+Co Bleu Life Styler Volume & Texture Spray

A volume boosting texture spray infused with Vitamins B and E that provides the hair with UV protection whilst leaving strands revived and restored.

£43.99 £55.50 21% offsaving
R+Co Bleu Elastic Styling PomadeR+Co Bleu Elastic Styling Pomade
R+Co Bleu Elastic Styling Pomade

A whipped styling cream made with Shea Butter that delivers weightless hydration and adds texture and hold to all hair styles.

£40.88 £54.50 25% offsaving
R+Co Bleu Primary Color ShampooR+Co Bleu Primary Color Shampoo
R+Co Bleu Primary Color Shampoo

A colour protecting shampoo made with Cactus Extract that gently cleanses, protects and helps extend the time between colour appointments.

£49.99 £60.00 17% offsaving
R+Co Bleu Surreal Styling SerumR+Co Bleu Surreal Styling Serum
R+Co Bleu Surreal Styling Serum

A nourishing hair serum made with Grapeseed Extract that conditions the hair cuticle for a smooth, soft and glossy finish full of body and texture.

£59.99 £72.50 17% offsaving
R+Co Bleu Primary Color MasqueR+Co Bleu Primary Color Masque
R+Co Bleu Primary Color Masque

A colour protecting mask made with Clove Extract that intensely hydrates and nourishes whilst maintaining colour vibrancy and shine.

£49.99 £75.00 33% offsaving
R+Co Bleu Primary Color ConditionerR+Co Bleu Primary Color Conditioner
R+Co Bleu Primary Color Conditioner

A colour protecting conditioner made with Hibiscus Flower Extract that smoothes, detangles and strengthens the hair's cuticle.

£49.99 £60.00 17% offsaving

R+Co Hair Reset With Danielle Amos

We caught up with Face the Future's hair expert, Danielle Amos, to learn all about how you can do a hair reset using some of her favourite R+Co products.

A Guide To R+Co With Danielle Amos

Our newly appointed hair expert, Danielle Amos, shares her advice on the R+Co products you need in your life for strong, healthy locks.

From R+Co to their premium R+Co Bleu range, Danielle’s passion for the brand’s vegan-friendly, high-performance formulations and sleek, artsy packaging fully shines through during our recent interview with her.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your regime or simply add some vitality to your tresses, R+Co is the answer.

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